Caleb (Spanner) meets Victoria


My friend Kali got in touch and told me she had sent Victoria and the very next day she arrived. With great anticipation I unpacked the parcel and got my grubby hands on this well travelled much revered little camera. What a delightful little thing she is. Instantly I got all giddy and in my excitement I loaded her with colour film thinking I was going to change the world with my artistic genius……..and then the panic kicked in…..COLOUR! what have I done? I rarely use colour film and never with success. So I sat and stared at Victoria and got all morose, self pitying and lame. Then bad weather, work , children’s activities kicked in and Victoria sat with her new chums on my analogue shelf waiting patiently of me to use her.

A week passed and she continued to sit unused. Then from out of the blue I had a free afternoon and so did my girl. The perfect opportunity to go out, get some exercise and  bond. What could be more fitting?

And so we walked and talked and I discussed this project, Victoria and her wonderful Dad and family and took some pictures


We talked about life, death, regrets and happiness


We talked about love, exams, work, stress


We talked about people, places, inspiration, and dreams.


We looked at the world and sang songs. We told bad jokes and stood in sheep poo.


We smiled and laughed


We even managed to get some junk food, an ice-cream and get home late.


All of these things we did with little Victoria. It turns out I didn’t change the world with my artistic brilliance. However that darling little camera managed to change mine.

Best wishes to you all. I hope you enjoy Victoria’s company as much as we did.



  1. just lovely, the colour is really uplifting, this camera is really a special wee thing, and I just knew you would find the perfect opportunity to connect with the project, nicely done man and girl!

  2. There are no words.. I am speechless and overcome with awe as to how this experience is touching so many people in so many ways. Visual expression as well as words… so special. Thank you, Lou for the vision and the journey.

  3. And Caleb, What a special day with your daughter…one you both will forever remember, I am sure. Thank you for sharing.

  4. These are wonderful pictures and such thoughtful and poetic words to go with them! I hope the red runners had a full recovery from sheep poo.

  5. Fear can bring out strength we did not realize we had. Love the knee view. Thank you for share you special moments🤗

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