Courtney meets Victoria

Victoria arrived in my mail box just as I was about to leave for the airport. Without unpacking the box, I popped it in my luggage and off I went to Townsville, Queensland.

My husband and I had just moved from Townsville two months earlier, so we had plenty of friends to catch up with, children’s birthday parties to attend, and friends businesses to help. The other purpose of our trip was to drive our 1971 Holden HG Kingswood to Brisbane. It was during this 16 hour drive that I planned to take the most of my photos. I wanted to show the world what the East coast of Queensland had to offer.


Sixty kilometres into the journey, our battery went flat.


After a friend came to the rescue with a new battery, we were able to continue our journey. I couldn’t take too many photos as we wanted to get to a hotel before dark. We didn’t want to use the headlights in fear of draining the battery.


We stayed overnight in a hotel and charged the batteries. At first light we continued the drive back to Brisbane. With limited daylight, again we weren’t able to stop and take the photographs I wanted to take.

I decided instead I would take Victoria to Christmas festivities with me. I thought it was perfect because I could document family and spread Victoria’s message further than  I previously had. All of my friends and family now know the story of Victoria and the purpose of her journey.

Victoria was the perfect reminder of how fragile life can be.



  1. Some really lovely portraits here Courtney, and what a car! love that shot, it reminds me of a photo of me as a baby on the side of the road as my Dad fixed our little Morris in the middle of a camping trip .

  2. Wonderful job Courtney. Life is so terribly fast! Be sure to stop and take a good deep breath of appreciation for your beautiful family. Thanks for your great contribution to our project. L.

  3. Great story and great photos! Thanks for telling Victoria’s story and keeping her memory alive!
    Victoria ‘s mom

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