Victoria’s summer holiday in southern Australia

Victoria arrived in Tasmania in the middle of summer. During this time of the year the days are long, the sun is bright and my home city of Hobart is awash with tourists and locals alike savouring the relaxed atmosphere of the historic port city.


I had originally planned to take Victoria on a tour of my city. But as luck would have it, she arrived just before my family’s annual summer trip to mainland Australia. I am originally from the state of Victoria in Australia. Each year my husband, two daughters and I spend a week in a Victorian beach house in a sleepy seaside hamlet with my extended family. It is a time to relax, to catch up with loved ones and to let young cousins spend some quality time together.


It is also an opportunity to swim in the sea, explore rock pools, fish, snorkel and generally enjoy a beautiful part of the Australian coast.

So with my photographic mindset firmly in “holiday snapshot” mode I took Victoria on our holiday. My daughters and their cousins are of a similar age to Victoria so I tried to photograph the activities and sights that they enjoyed. From the ferry ride across Bass Strait to fishing with a handline in rock pools, here is our summer holiday.


It has been an absolute pleasure having Victoria here and being able to tell the story of Victoria Sousa to my family and friends. Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of this inspiring project.

Jane McLoughlin


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