My name is Victoria.  I am a Canon Canonet film camera.  I am bounding around the world melding my eye with willing photographers.  Show me what makes you tick.  Show me what you love or what you don’t.  Lets make memories together.  I am named after Victoria Marie Sousa who succumbed too early to the swine flu.  She was 12.  Please vaccinate so you will not bear this fate.  Keep her memory alive with your beautiful images.



  1. Lou – what a wonderful way to share your love for Victoria! Can’t wait to see how far and wide you will reach!!!😊

  2. Now I can see part of the world without getting on a plane. Love your idea and your love for family, especially honoring Victoria’s memory.

  3. Just saw the story in the Barrington Times about the Victoria Project…..a wonderful way to celebrate and honor your daughter. Hope to see the world thru your lens.

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