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Hello! I am Thomas and I am living in Central Switzerland. As you can see I am not just devoted to photography but to lute playing, too.

Thomas(If you should be interested in this side of my life go to my homepage )

When I’ve heard about Victoria’s story I’ve been moved to tears and am happy I can participate in this amazing project.

I spoke with many people about vaccination and Victoria’s fate. All of them have been rather shocked. Swine flu was no big deal in Switzerland. Clinic staff was supposed to vaccinate and vaccination has been recommended to some high-risk group. But most others didn’t.
I am sure all of those I spoke to now have a higher awareness of the risks.

To think about a theme of Victoria’s visit in Switzerland has been easy – I thought. Having a visitor from abroad who might have never seen Switzerland. Surely everybody would love it. Really? Soon first doubts appeared if a teenage girl really would enjoy the same I would have in mind. Anyway – this has been my starting point into talks with many people about Victoria and my contribution is a result of both the talks as my initial thoughts.

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