Victoria visits central switzerland


As Victoria, the camera, has problems travelling the world I devoted one of my cameras and one wekkend with an additional bank holiday to show Victoria what I think could be interesting here for a teenage girl.

It is not easy to find yourself in this world. So I must excuse if some of my thoughts are rather general and not specific to a teenage girl.

Surely I would show Victoria the big mountains of the bernese alp.

32840021Driving by the small cablecar alone surely would be fun


it reads in the inside “suitable for 8 persons or one cow”

The view is worth the adventure

32800002 - Kopie

My home valley surely is worth a closer look, too

Also, visiting the neighbourhood could be interesting

Perhaps she would have enjoyed all the waterfalls

Surely she would have loved the festivities for the national holiday

Switzerland wouldn’t be Switzerland if there wouldn’t be all the lovely details.
Like beautifully decorated houses


fountains with a view



A bench on top of a mountain underneath a shady tree


a mountain cross


I really hope Victoria would have enjoyed the trip!

(all photos taken on a Nikon FM2 with different kinds of film)


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